USEFUL TIPS FROM THE TV PROGRAM, “Revealing the Secrets of Muay Chaiya” 2 - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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    2. In the days when Grandmaster KADE SRIYAPAI was still learning how to fight… he saw Grandmaster GIMSENG T’WEESIT teaching his disciples how to defend against a kick using the palm. Grandmaster KADE became a more enlightened man as a result of this particular encounter.
        He asked, “What if he kicked as fast as the wind?” Grandmaster GIMSENG T’WEESIT replied, “How many footballs have you destroyed with a kick so far?” Grandmaster KADE said, “2 footballs, sir.”
        Grandmaster GIMSENG T’WEESIT asked him to kick him three times wherein each one of those kicks was successfully received by the grandmaster. On the third kick… before he could throw a fast counterpunch… Grandmaster GIMSENG T’WEESIT pushed his chin and he fell on the olive tree.
        Grandmaster GIMSENG asked, “Has the wind stopped blowing or what?”
Grandmaster KADE raised his hands and admitted defeat. This is the history of both Grandmaster KADE and Grandmaster GIMSENG. Before becoming a disciple, he had to undergo a test of sorts in order to understand the true effectiveness of his techniques.
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