USEFUL TIPS FROM THE TV PROGRAM, “Revealing the Secrets of Muay Chaiya” 13 - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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    13. Today, I’m going to tell you a story about fighting in ancient times wherein the end result was death. The fight was between “KRU DTUN-GEE YOHN-DTAH-RAH-GID” and “NOH-REE-SING” who fought in the style of Muay Chaiya. “KRU DTUN-GEE YOHN-DTAH-RAH-GID” was the creator of the “Galloping Horse” style. “NOH-REE” fought undefeated for 6 days straight! Afterwards, he also fought the disciple of “KRU DTUN-GEE”. On the 7th day, “KRU DTUN-GEE” lost his temper because… when “KRU DTUN-GEE” himself decided to fight against “NOH-REE”… “NOH-REE” leaped over his head using some sort of technique that I’m unaware of. He might have thrown a punch or done something else that we don’t really know. He kicked “KRU DTUN-GEE” in the forehead using the heel of his foot causing it to split open. “KRU DTUN-GEE” was so infuriated that he shoved his opponent & proceeded to gouge his opponent’s eyeball out! “KRU DTUN-GEE” gouged out the eyeball of his opponent, “NOH-REE”! “NOH-REE” also became infuriated as well! Then, he let his trainer sever & get rid of his damaged eyeball which was drooping from his eye socket. “KRU DTUN-GEE” proceeded to shove his opponent before breaking his arm. Only one good eye remained making it difficult for him to see things clearly enough, right? He broke an arm & lost the fight. Then, he died in his home due to tetanus.
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