USEFUL TIPS FROM THE TV PROGRAM, “Revealing the Secrets of Muay Chaiya” 15 - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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15. Now, I’d like to tell you a story pertaining to KRU TONGLOR YAHLAE who was one of my teachers as well as a beloved student of grandmaster KHET SRIYAPAI. In the days when KRU TONGLOR YAHLAE fought in the ring, he met a fighter with formidable skills at a temple fair. He fought & won for 6 days straight similar to the story of KRU DTUNGEE. The master of the disciple who lost to KRU TONGLOR was infuriated at the outcome. He had quite a huge stature, might I add. His pinky finger was nearly the same size as his thumb! Something like that. It was quite a sight to see him fight with KRU TONGLOR! KRU TONGLOR covered his openings & defended himself throughout the entire match. KRU TONGLOR outsmarted his opponent by protecting himself in a variety of ways without delivering any sort of attacks after he saw his opponent’s huge stature. As a result, he used the “Teacher’s Position” (or “TAH KRU” in Thai) to receive attacks. When the fighter tried to grab a hold of his neck in round 4… he used the “No Neck to Hold Onto” technique as taught by grandmaster KHET. The “No Neck to Hold Onto” technique involves ducking underneath just before delivering a knee thrust to the abdomen. The fighter lost as a result. Later on, KRU TONGLOR later found out that his opponent was the "FEROCIOUS TIGER" from the Pad Riew District who was a very well-known fighter during that time period!
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