KRU LEK's Short Stories No.6 - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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         One day... I & my older twin brother as well as MAH CHAO and the other elder siblings took us to meet grandpa in order to find out more about Muay Thai. MAH CHAO (or "Morning Dog") was a cousin from JUNBURI named that way because the villagers from that province would often call their kids "MAH" (or "dog"). "CHAO" (or "morning") refers to the name of the mother who owned many dogs.

         Also... MAH CHAO (or "Morning Dog") was a well-known boxer in a village in the KUH'LOONG district of JUNBURI province. MAH CHAO was a very big & tall, dark-skinned muscular guy ! He was considered by many to be a very skilled fighter in that entire district.

         Grandpa noticed & admired MAH's physical appearance. Then, grandpa talked about this one particular weak point that would disable the leg if it were kicked hard enough. After he finished explaining... he reached his hand out to MAH's leg, placed it around MAH's knee & gently pressed his thumb down on the tendon underneath it before saying,

         "This is the BPAH-DTAH-KAHD tendon. When kicked, it makes it difficult to bend a straightened leg & vice versa. It disrupts the opponent's balance & makes it difficult for them to stand. A good fighter knows the importance of kicking the leg(s) prior to doing anything else."

         MAH CHAO seemed eagerly awaiting to see what was going to happen next or something along those lines. He sat still & did not budge for an instant thinking that grandpa was going to press on his BPAH-DTAH-KAHD tendon in order to induce pain there.

         Shortly thereafter, grandpa released his hand & saw MAH breathing a sigh of relief. MAH told us more on our way back using a genuine sandalwood tone of voice:

         "I thought that he was going to do something to me such as press my tendon until my leg hurt or make my leg sore. I understood that he said it was a vital tendon. I sat mindful of the possibility of feeling a great amount of pain & that it would most certainly NOT be a good day for me ! However, it wasn't what I thought it would be ! He simply pressed it gently & nothing else !"

         We all laughed at the humorous notion & how MAH was truly someone from the countryside !
Once during the time when DAY-CHAH-RIT AH-NOO-CHIDT fought with AH-PI-DAYCH SIT-HE-RUN (a boxer with kicks so powerful that he could break sandbags in a single strike)... DAY-CHAH-RIT traveled around in order to meet AH-PI-DAYCH as well as ask people for advice on how to deal with him in a fight.

         Grandpa KHET said, "DAY-CHAH-RIT didn't learn with me. He was difficult to teach!"

         However, he noticed the thickness of DAY-CHAH-RIT's back muscles & asked him,

         "Why do you have such prominent back muscles ?? When AH-PI-DAYCH kicks, you should use those muscles to receive them before you turn & throw a punch at AH-PI-DAYCH's chin."

         It appeared that DAY-CHA-RIT actually decided to use this counterattack move ! After AH-PI-DAYCH kicked, DAY-CHA-RIT turned to lean against his opponent's shin using his back while... simultaneously... throwing a punch to his chin that knocked AH-PI-DAYCH out for an extended period of time ! It allowed the referee to start counting & end the fight.

         The story that I just told you might include a few erroneous or missing details so please excuse me for that. And, I ask that anyone with more information about it all to help me make any necessary corrections due to the large amount of time that has passed since then. Such individuals would have my most sincerest gratitude ! I remember when Grandpa KHET told us that he taught DAY-CHA-RIT the "Three Treasure Steps" which assisted him in obtaining numerous victories ! Allow me to recall the various details of past events & gather them, once again, into story form so that you can have a chance to read about it all.#grandmasterKHET

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