History of “KRU LEK” - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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ครูเล็ก มวยไชยา
         Kru Lek began training at the age of 12 by learning from his older brother  Witchanan Sodprasert (a student of master Kimseng Tawisid). At that time he was studying at Assumption school. At the age of 16, while he was studying in grade 7 he had the opportunity to read 'Fah Muang Thai' (Thai Sky) and found a column written by Grand Master Khet. He then had a great respect for Grand Master Khet and started doing a research on the Grand Master's biography and discovered that the Grand Master was the most professional and well-versed person in Muay  Chaiya.

         Once Kru Lek has had the opportunity to meet Grand Master Khet he asked the Grand Master to clarify everything that he needed to know such as the techniques of the movements. From that moment on, Kru Lek became  a student of the Grand Master. When Kru Lek was 18, he enrolled into an arts college. During his years in the college he became distanced from Muay Chaiya. After he graduated at the age of 21, he then learned of the death of the Grand Master.

         In the year 1981, when he was drawing an erasable ceremonial tattoo on  the body of one boxer from the Isan region of Northeastern Thailand, he had the chance to meet Kru Thonglor Yalae , one of the most loved students of the Grand Master. They then discussed many interesting  facts about Muay Chaiya. From that day onward, Kru Lek became a student of Kru Thonglor and had always studied Muay Chaiya from him until Kru Thonglor's death in 1996 from cancer.
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