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Types of classes available:
Muay Chaiya
(Learn 'one-on-one' at the camp
or have the teacher come to you.
And... there are also online classes
which include "real-time"
& learning from the website's online curriculum.)
(Choose from "Drawing + Watercolors"
and "Thai Painting")
"Muay Chaiya" Training
Teach yourself Muay Chaiya ! It's easy-to-learn !
Branch of 'Baanchangthai'
Who've Passed the Muay Chaiya Teacher
Training Course At 'Baanchangthai
Teaching & Demonstration
(Learning & Teaching methods of 'Baanchangthai'
and demonstrations at various locations)
"Part Time Fighter Project"
It's not necessary to be a fighter in order to have fighting skills.
Revealing The Secrets of
Muay Thai Chaiya
Introduce knowledge to understand more about Muay Chaiya.
Useful Facts, Tips & History
(Various stories about Muay Thai)
KRU LEK's Short Stories
One day... I & my older twin brother as well as MAH CHAO
and the other elder siblings took us to meet grandpa in order
Sparring & Competition
(There are many matches for you to follow)
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