KRU LEK's Short Stories No.1 - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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         When I was 16 years old & studying at "Assumption School" in the *BANGRUK* area... I came across an article within "Skies of Thailand" magazine in the "Criticisms on Muay Thai" section written by grandmaster KHET SRIYAPAI. I was really impressed by how straightforward he was in the article & how he avoided hiding or covering up the truth ! In 1973, I asked grandmaster KHET SRIYAPAI if I could become his disciple. I was 16 years old at the time when I started & the year was 1978

         when my training with the grandmaster came to a conclusion. I encountered many of my classmates from "Assumption School" during that time wherein some of them also learned with him. I remember that a total of three people including myself as well as my older twin brother and a friend of mine from school both accompanied me on the day when I asked the grandmaster if I could be his disciple. Grandmaster KHET SRIYAPAI was a very kind, good-hearted & benevolent person. As a result, I often referred to him as "grandpa". He always taught things that weren't too difficult to master to the point where it made some people lose interest such as standing & walking to advancing properly. One of the things that he made me do was walk the parallel lines.

         I remember that I spent an estimated three months walking those lines. He told me to keep my knee up high which I continued to do when I began to assume the boxing guard & perform the "Three Treasure Steps". I would often pay very close attention to details when it came to things that I liked. I would often practice the "Three Treasure Steps" for one hour and forty-five minutes every single day.

         The grandmaster would swat flies as he sat down & watched me practice the footwork in a delightful manner. I would train at his place until it was almost eight at night. I would get back home by around nine or so. Somedays it would get as late as TEN PM in the middle of the night ! I would often take the bus and return home with an overwhelming sense of joy & emotional satisfaction ! I never got tired or felt bored in any sort of way !

         Well, that's all that I can say for now. Next time, I'll write more about the time when I was learning & training with grandmaster KHET SRIYAPAI.

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