History of Grandmaster “KADE SRIYAPAI” - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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ปรมาจารย์เขตร ศรียาภัย มวยไชยา
         Born on Sunday the 9th of November of 1905 in Chumphorn, he was the 5th  and the last child of Phraya Wacheesatyarak (Kham Sriyabhai) and Kaew (Kham's spouse).

     Education : He did his primary school in Sriyabhai School, which was the first school in the southern province of Chumphorn, which was built by his ancestors for the Rajgirh Dao Kanong monastery.  After he was about 8 years old, he travelled to Bangkok to study Thai language at Wat Suddhivararam temple school and did a placement exam, which put him in 8th grade. Later he decided to go into the Catholic Assumption School to study in English until  he finished secondary education.

         Grand Master Khet had a great interest for sports because he viewed it as an activity beneficial for the heath and create sportsmanship. In the year 1922, in a high jump tournament held in honor of the Thai  soldiers returning from helping in France during World War I, Grand Master Khet took the first place in the tournament. He also had a great interest in soccer and Muay Thai and he was reputed to be the soccer star of his  school and continued to play for the team as the leader for the next 17 years. The team became very well known for its talent and received many cups and medals including in Saigon in 1944. In the 50th anniversary of his school he received a medal made  of gold with the Latin phrase 'SEMPER FIDELIS' which translates to "always loyal', which remains the only medal given by the school to any student until now (90 years).

         As for his boxing experience, he began training at the age of 8 with the first teacher of his life, his father (Phraya Wacheesatyarak). He then went on to train with 12 other Muay Thai masters. It is recorded in his biography that the names  of the masters who taught Grand Master Khet were:
1...Phraya Wachee Sriyabhai, his father
2...Uncle Klad Sriyabhai, the commander of the Rasmi ship.
3...Plong Chamnonthong, the winner of the competition held in the palace by King Rama V.
4...Kru Klab Indraklab, the father of a famous boxer during the 1920s.
5...Kru Song, from Ta Sae, Chumphorn province
6...Kru In Sakdech, from Chumphorn city.
7...Kru Dad Kanchanakorn, from Nong Thong Kam
8...Kru Suk Netprafai, from Sang Daed
9...Kru Wan Pholpreuksa
10..Prince Vibulsawasdiwong Sawasdikul
11..Kru Kimseng Tawisid, a renowned master in Bangkok and other major cities. He was the
    boxing teacher for the Department of Physical Education.
12..Sir Visaldarunakorn (An Sarikbutr), the leading students of Grand Master Phra Jayachok
    Chokchana and Grand Master Khunyi Sarasabyakorn. He was the boxing teacher in Suan
    Gulab school during the 1920s and wrote  a guide book for boxing for the Ministry  
    of Education. His book was used as the standard to teach students.

         Though according to his biography there were 12 boxing masters, Grand Master Khet said that there were 13.
         Muay Thai, for Grand Master Khet, was more than just a form of physical trainings; it is a form of arts passed down by the Thais of the past for the future generations to protect themselves.

         Towards the end of his life, after he had retired, he dedicated most of his time teaching children to appreciate the art of Muay Thai, which is the ultimate form of martial arts. He was often invited as a guest  speaker for many institutions and continued to teach until his last moments at the age of 76.

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